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Essential Maintenance Package

Our Platinum Package has everything our Essential and Gold Packages offer, with the added benefits of a holding tank flush & dump, as well as an exterior wash of your unit before you head out camping!

Platinum Package:

  • LP Systems Inspection
    • Check Bottles for Damage
    • Fill LP
    • Leak Test for Bottles & Regulator
    • Drop Pressure Test

  • Water System Inspection
    • Fill Fresh Tank
    • Pressure Test Water Pump
    • Drain Fresh Tank
    • Pressure Test Plumbing System

  • Battery Maintenance
    • Check Battery Age
    • Fill Battery Water
    • Check Electrolyte Levels
    • Check Battery Post & Terminals

  • Tire Inspection
    • Check Tire Age
    • Check for Cracks
    • Check Tread Depth
    • Set Tire Pressures to Data Plate

  • Underbelly Inspection
    • Visually Inspect for cuts, tears, or rodent damage to barriers, wiring, & plumbing

  • Refrigerator Maintenance
    • Clean Burner Assembly
    • Check / Clean Terminal Connections
    • Inspect & Test Latches & Seals
    • Check for Airflow Obstructions

  • Water Heater Maintenance
    • Clean Burner Tube
    • Check Electrode Gap
    • Test T&P Operation
    • Check Anode Rod if equipped
    • Check electrical heating element if equipped
    • Drain and reinstall plug
  • Furnace Inspection
    • Visually Inspect outside for soot or buildup
    • Visually Inspect inside wiring + LP Connections
    • Run to light and listen to burner operation
    • Inspect for signs or insects or damage
    • Cycle Furnace

  • Bearing Repack & Brake Inspection
    • Remove Wheels, Hubs, & Drums
    • Check Brakes, Magnet Springs, & Shackles
    • Clean Bearings & Hubs
    • Repack Wheel Bearings
    • Replace Grease Seals
    • Test Brake and Breakaway Operation
    • Install Wheels
    • Torque Lug Nuts

  • Slide Out Maintenance
    • Visually Inspect Seals, Rams, Gears, & Hoses
    • Visually Inspect Cables or Drive Mechanisms
    • Clean and lube rams and guides as required
    • Treat gaskets and seals as recommended

  • Roof Inspection
    • Inspect all sealant surfaces at penetrations and transitions for voids, cracks, or peeling
    • Inspect roof membrane for cuts, tears, scrapes, or other damage
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance
    • Clean out outdoor coils
    • Clean out indoor coils
    • Clean filters
    • Inspect compressor
  • Dump and Flush of Holding Tanks
  • Exterior Wash

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