Mobile human habitats built for adventuring.

Mobile human habitats built for adventuring..

Mobile human habitats built for adventuring.

Mobile human habitats built for adventuring.

TAXA’s mobile human habitats are purposefully designed to inspire the journey towards and into nature. Habitats remind us we are part of nature, not apart from it. In a safe “don’t become a bear snack” kind of way. Think of them as adventure equipment that you sleep in.

Where you have everything you need but not more. Where every design decision has a purpose, often multiple, and architectural thinking guides how our mobile human habitats encourage us to integrate, engage, and interact with the natural world and one another.

It is an ethos founder Garrett Finney, an award winning designer and former senior architect for the Habitability Design Center at NASA has built into every TAXA product.

We purchased a TAXA Tigermoth Overland from The Great Outdoors RV and had a great experience! Dave greeted us right away and began showing us our unit. He took the time to go over all of the components so that we understood how to use everything. He let us play with all the features, lock and unlock all the doors and hatches so that we really understood how our unit would work and run most efficiently. They then attached a breaking system to our truck and showed us how to use it so we could tow safely. We are so thankful for all the knowledge they were able to provide! Travis, Chris, Billy, and the whole staff were so helpful and welcoming, definitely go see them if you want a great RV buying experience!

T. Flynn

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Thoughtful design like a separate sink and two-burner stove, water heater, 20-gallon fresh water capacity, and wet bath with cassette toilet. Also offering a rougher, stronger, Mantis Overland Edition.


TAXA’s NASA-inspired design features integrated plumbing and electrical systems and has sleeping room for two adults and two children. Also offering a rougher, stronger, Cricket Overland Edition.


TigerMoth has sleeping room for 2 adults (+3 with an optional rooftop tent), and features a slide out camp kitchen with a two-burner portable stove. Perfect for venturing to further reaches of nature. Also offering a rougher, stronger, TigerMoth Overland Edition.

Quick Comparison

12'10" length: Storable in standard garage

Sleeps 2 adults (+3 adults with optional rooftop tent)

Dry Weight: 1,310 lbs

Open design offers optimal ventilation and views

15’ Length: Easily nests in a standard garage

Sleeps 2 adults + 2 children

Dry Weight: 1,800 lbs

Pop-up roof for optimized ventilation and protection

19’ length: Storable in standard garage

Sleeps 4+ adults

Dry Weight: 2,972 lbs

Secure, pop-up roof for optimized ventilation

“After a decade of working on the International Space Station and consulting on lunar habitats for NASA, I designed Cricket, our first camper, and TAXA was born.”

Garrett Finney – Founder and CEO

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