Choosing a towable RV is a big step toward choosing the perfect RV for you, but there’s one more decision to make: fifth wheel vs travel trailer? Which one will be best for your travel needs and wants?

What Is A Fifth Wheel?

Fifth wheels are one of the most popular forms of recreational vehicles on the road today. They are travel trailers that must be hauled with a fifth-wheel hitch. A full-size truck will be required to tow a fifth wheel due to its size and the specific hitch that fits into the truck bed. You will get the freedom of being able to wander more freely if you can unhitch at camp.

The U-shaped coupling mounted on the truck’s cargo bed is referred to as the “fifth wheel.” The fifth wheel camping trailer’s front pin box connects to the truck’s fifth wheel coupling. It’s similar to the semi-trailer-hauling equipment seen on commercial over-the-road tractors. 

What Is A Travel Trailer?

The most common type of RV is the travel trailer. Travel trailers come in various sizes, from tiny jellybean-shaped ones with a chuckwagon kitchen to gigantic “house-on-wheels” with picture windows and a sliding glass patio door. 

The modern travel trailer uses a hitch fixed to the frame of your tow vehicle, together with specialized hardware, to make towing safe and easy. When this form of RV first became popular in the early 1950s, they were hooked to the bumper of a car.

Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer Similarities

You’ll be able to park, disconnect your trailer, and drive away with either a fifth wheel or a travel trailer. There are numerous benefits to be had in this situation. 

If you’re a big enthusiast of the outdoors, you can go exploring with the 4×4 capacity that many trucks (and SUVs) have. You’re free to travel backcountry routes without the constraints of your RV. You’ll be able to get to more areas with your RV in tow than with the majority of motorized RVs.

Towables are a cost-effective choice. Both fifth wheels and travel trailers have a variety of alternatives for getting you into an RV and out adventuring at a minimal cost. Anything without a motor onboard is usually less expensive.

The majority of travel trailers and fifth wheels are great for family vacations or camping with friends. The towables’ ability to sleep several people is another plus. The bulk of your choices will accommodate four or more people.

Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer Differences

When it comes to length, fifth wheels and travel trailers are vastly different. You’ll be committing to a very large rig, as fifth wheels typically range in length from 25 to 45 feet. Towing them will involve a more powerful truck due to their size. Thanks to their size and the “upstairs” master bedroom or living area, fifth wheels feel very much like a home, making them ideal for full-time living.

Because weight is always a concern, travel trailers eventually reach a limit on how much they can hold. If you’re looking for a luxury apartment attached to your truck, the fifth wheel is for you. Some fifth wheels are MASSIVE and have an incredible number of features that rival any motorhome, 

Travel trailers might be a good choice for you. They come in a broader range of lengths, ranging from 12 to 35 feet. With a big travel trailer, you can obtain the same spacious feel as a fifth wheel, but you also have the option of going considerably smaller. You can tow with a smaller vehicle, such as an SUV, with the smaller alternatives. In some instances, a mid-size truck may be allowed to tow instead of a full-size truck.

Fifth Wheel vs Travel Trailer Prices

Travel trailers are generally less expensive, mainly due to the greater variety of sizes available. Fifth wheels typically require the use of a full-size truck and are significantly heavier. SUVs and mid-size trucks can tow some travel trailers.

The cost of a 5th wheel vs travel trailer both have a wide range of prices. A new 5th wheel can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $250,000 and up. The price can vary greatly depending on what features are included, the brand you purchase, and the time of year you buy it. A new travel trailer could set you back anywhere between $9,000 and $200,000. The price of a travel trailer will also depend on factors such as features, brand, and time of year you are purchasing. 

Touring different fifth wheel and travel trailer floorplans is a fun experience. There are plenty to pick from, and narrowing down your options as you look at floor plans can be enjoyable. Remember to keep your vehicle’s towing capacity in mind at all times.

Ready To Choose Between Fifth-wheel vs Travel Trailer?

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