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Utah, located in the western United States, has some of the most magnificent landscapes in the country, making it a popular camping travel destination. Utah includes five National Parks, 43 State Parks, and 13 National Park Service units due to its amazing terrain of immense deserts, spectacular rock formations, and towering, snow-capped mountain peaks. Because of these fantastic views, it is hard to go wrong when deciding where the best camping in Utah is located.


The Zion River Resort RV Park and Campground places you right in the heart of the beautiful Zion region, with all the facilities and conveniences you could want. Each site has complete utility connections, a tree for shade, a fire ring, a picnic table, cable TV, and internet access.

The area’s crown jewel is Zion National Park, and Zion Canyon is a location that often tops the list of the best camping in Utah. This is a National Park that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. In Zion, you’ll find breathtaking scenery, a star-studded sky, and an abundance of animals.


Canyonlands National Park is situated in the state’s southeast, near the town of Moab.

The national park is home to the beautiful scenery of buttes, mesas, and canyons that were sculpted out millennia ago by the Green and Colorado rivers. The vibrant topography is separated into four different zones, each with its own individual characteristics.

Hiking and camping amid the spires of Cedar Mesa Sandstone is an unforgettable experience, and the rock formations are ideal for bouldering. Climbing enthusiasts will likely appreciate this location as the best camping in Utah.


Goblin Valley was formerly proposed as a national monument. While it was never classified as such, Utah Parks and Recreation did designate it as a state park. Goblin Valley, 35 miles northwest of Hanksville in the state’s southern corner, is a popular destination because of its geological marvels, including hundreds of finely carved creatures, eerie rocks, and coves. 

Off-road vehicle enthusiasts enjoy the location since it is surrounded by hundreds of miles of dirt roads to explore. A 21-unit campsite, modern facilities, hot showers, and a sanitary disposal station are among the amenities. 


The Wedge and The Little Grand Canyon, are situated in Eastern Utah. Despite their incredible beauty, they are generally recognized and underappreciated due to their proximity to national parks such as Arches and Canyonlands.

The San Rafael Swell is where The Little Grand Canyon is located, is readily accessible from I-70, Orangeville, Huntington, Castledale, and the countless other small communities located around its perimeter due to its immense size.

The Little Grand Canyon is one of Utah’s hidden gems, rivaling the state’s national parks in terms of beauty and history. Check it out, but be warned: there’s no cell service, the roads may be rocky, summer is hot, and winter is very cold.


Boulder Mountain, one of the biggest high-elevation plateaus in the United States, is littered with several lakes, beautiful scenery, and an abundance of primitive camping sites.

The Boulders, which are part of the Dixie National Forest, are crisscrossed by hundreds of miles of dirt roads ideal for four-wheel-drive and off-highway vehicles. The Boulders are also ideal for horseback or llama pack treks. Pack excursions into the Boulder backcountry are available from a number of outfitters and guides. 


The park was named for the early Utah leaders Erastus and Lorenzo Snow and includes a beautiful canyon cut from the red and white Navajo sandstone found in the Red Mountains. There are many more interesting geological features to view, including extinct lava tubes, sand dunes, lava flows, and cinder cones.

There are several hiking paths in Snow Canyon, including the Butterfly Trail, which views the Petrified Dunes before meandering down to the lava tubes and West Canyon Overlook. If you don’t feel like hiking, you may take a gondola up to the top of the mountain and enjoy some magnificent panoramic views.


Bear Lake State Park is situated on the shoreline of Bear Lake near Garden City. The park is located on the boundary of Utah and Idaho, high up in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

The lake has a stunning azure blue tint because of the precipitated calcium carbonate particles in the water. This, along with the lake’s lovely sandy beach, gives the appearance of a coastal resort site, despite the area’s height of 5,923 feet above sea level.

If you want an unforgettable camping experience, go to Antelope Island. a state park in the Great Salt Lake, the western hemisphere’s biggest saltwater lake.


Antelope Island is uninhabited, yet it retains a raw beauty and a surprising variety of wildlife. There will be a wide variety of birds as well as four-footed species such as mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and bison, to mention a few. Hundreds of backcountry paths crisscross the park, which may be explored on horseback, mountain bike, or foot.


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