RV Tips for Saving Money on Fuel

Rising costs everywhere can make affordable vacations feel like a pipe dream! Thankfully, traveling in a new or used RV is still more affordable and hassle-free than “conventional” vacations. When you travel in an RV, you’re not at the mercy of overpriced flights waiting to be canceled or delayed, or overcrowded, expensive resorts.

And you can make RVing even more affordable by saving money at the pump. Free up your cash for the things you really want to see and do while on vacation. Check out our RV tips for saving money on fuel!

RV Tips

Thank You for Being a…Buddy

You’ll want the free GasBuddy app on your phone! By keeping your location turned on, this app will net you the best pump prices within close proximity so you can pocket the savings on every fill-up. Never overpay at the pump again! Find it in the app store of your choosing.

RV Tips

Lighten the Load

Take a hard look at what you’re packing in your RV and see where you can trim off the pounds! When you can lower your overall towing/starting weight, you’ll put less strain on your towing vehicle’s engine, and improve your fuel economy. Here are some easy things to lighten the load:

  • Cut the water weight: for your fresh water tank, only travel only with the amount you need to reach where you’re going. Refill the tank once you arrive.
  • While we’re on the topic of liquids, reduce all the liquids you’re packing along to the sheer minimum. Dry or powdered versions of soaps and detergents will weigh less than liquid. Same for drink and soup mixes!
  • For food and beverages, again, start your travels with just the pantry things needed to reach your destination. Once you slide into your destination town, do a quick shopping trip for groceries.
  • Update your camping supplies with lightweight gear.
RV Tips

RV Service Before You Go

Scheduling RV service before you set out helps keep your fuel economy in prime condition! Low tire pressure, clogged and dirty filters, low batteries and more can all take a toll on your engine and decrease your gas mileage.

We can also help you shop for a lightweight RV! We have a great selection of ultra lightweight RVs for sale, and that’s the perfect way to get the most out of your gas mileage. For example, check out our Wildwood FSX 167RBK for sale.

RV Tips

Contact us today with any questions about our lightweight RVs, or to schedule some RV service!

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