2 RVs with a Walk-Through Bath You’ll Love

An RV with a walk-through bath is the floor plan feature you didn’t know you needed! This feature gives you the convenience of dual entry into the bathroom from the living room and private bedroom, as well as splits the toilet and shower area from the sink so different amenities can be accessed more easily.  Take a look at some of the advantages of having a walk-through bath below and then check out our RVs with a walk-through bath for sale!

Convenience and Accessibility

A walk-through bath provides convenient access to the bathroom from both the bedroom and the living area. This can be especially beneficial during the night when you don’t want to disturb others by walking through the entire RV to reach the bathroom. They’re also an extremely efficient use of space because they often feature sliding doors or pocket doors, minimizing the need for swinging doors that can take up valuable space in a small RV.

RVs with a Walk-Thru Bath

The walk-thru split bath in our Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S for sale allows quick and quiet access to the bathroom from the private bedroom thanks to a pocket door:

RVs with a Walk-Thru Bath

Take a look at more photos and features here.

Multifunctional Space

Another way one of our RVs with a walk-through bath for sale can make your life more convenient is with enhanced organization. You can store extra towels, a first aid, or other items in the linen closet and easily retrieve them from anywhere in the RV.

RVs with a Walk-Thru Bath

Our Rockwood Mini Lite 2515S travel trailer for sale has an incredibly spacious linen closet just inside the door adjacent to the kitchen and living room, so you can easily grab what you need if there’s a mess or spill.

RVs with a Walk-Thru Bath

Check out other details and photos on this unit here.

The convenience of having a walk-thru bath in your new or used RV is something the whole family will appreciate – from maintaining a sense of privacy and personal space to providing extra flexibility and space-efficiency. Contact us today with any questions! We’d love to help you pick out the perfect unit that fits your family’s needs!

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