A type of RV travel trailer that is growing in popularity these days is the RV toy hauler. They are versatile, durable, and often have many cutting-edge features that satisfy a wide range of needs. With a toy hauler, you get the ability to travel to incredible destinations and take along all of your fun toys like dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and more. Hauling around your toys aren’t the only benefits you get when you have a toy hauler!

Get a Garage Space

Just like the garage in your home, the additional space in a toy hauler can be quite versatile. Even if you don’t have a motorcycle or ATV to bring along, the additional space can function as an area to store other fun items. Paddleboards, kayaks, snowboards, skis, skateboards, and bicycles can all be stowed away here. It is also an excellent place to keep other cargo like lawn chairs, hammocks, or a folding table. 

Create a Bonus Room

The storage area of a toy hauler can double as a living and sleeping area in most RV models. Many toy hauler RVs have a foldaway table with seating and a bed that can be lowered down for a comfortable place to sleep at night. If you have a larger family this might be the perfect place for the kids to stay!

Have a Deck Party

Toy haulers have a ramp available to allow for loading and unloading your toys like dirt bikes or golf carts. This ramp can pull double duty and turn into a nice deck area! This is an excellent bonus space if you are at an RV site with friends or family and want to be able to play games or enjoy a few cocktails. 

Get the Grill Going

Having the additional space in a toy hauler allows you to bring along your grill and have a place to set it up! This will give you extra cooking space to enjoy all of the hot dogs, hamburgers, and brats you and the family desire! Cooking outside on the fold-out deck will help keep the inside of the RV cooler inside.

Enjoy More of the Great Outdoors

Owning an RV toy hauler gives you and your family the ability to enjoy more of the great outdoors. Not only will your RV allow you to travel to some of the most scenic places in the country, but by having the space to bring along bikes, ATVs, or kayaks, you and the family can explore those off-road areas or nearby lakes and rivers that you might not otherwise be able to enjoy. 

Easily and Safely Transport Your Toys

If you are bringing along things like an ATV or the whole family’s bicycles, being able to load them up and have them securely inside the RV will give you peace of mind. The Great Outdoors RV has a wide selection of toy haulers in Colorado that are ready to hit the road! With a variety of new and used toy haulers, you are sure to find the perfect one for you and your family! Visit the website to browse new and used RVs, or visit the lot today to chat with one of our knowledgeable staff members!