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Flagstaff T12SDTH


The Flagstaff T12SDTH is a hard sided pop up camper toy hauler! That sure is a mouthful. Chances are if you made it to this page you are thinking about buying at T12SDTH. Below you can see a side by side comparison of the Flagstaff T12SDTH and the Rockwood A127TH, which shows little difference. If more…

Flagstaff T12DDST


Flagstaff T12DDST Flagstaff makes the T12DDST hard sided camper in the same factory that Rockwood makes it’s hard sided campers. Being so you can see that Rockwood and Flagstaff have floor plans that are strikingly similar. The Rockwood A128S hard sided pop-up camper, other than color scheme, is nearly identical to your Flagstaff T12DDST. So why choose more…

Flagstaff BR28TSC


The Flagstaff BR28TSC is a pop-up camper with a front metal decking, making it a full on toy hauler. The Flagstaff BR28tSC shares this with the Rockwood 282TXR, as well a shower porta potty, sink, stove, microwave, dinette slide-out that converts for an extra bed. Looking at the floor plans of these pop ups below, more…

Flagstaff 206LTD

Flagstaff 620ST


Flagstaff 30WFKSS


The Flagstaff 30WFKSS is interchangeable  with the Rockwood 3008W Windjammer.  Rockwood and Flagstaff campers are made in the exact same assembly line in Indiana. There are a few subtle differences between Flagstaff and Rockwood, though. First being the color scheme, you will see that Rockwood and Flagstaff have taken a very different approach to the look more…

Flagstaff 30WRLTS


The 30WRLTS Travel Trailer comes to a V in the front, making it more aerodynamic than your comparable campers.  Flagstaff units are made by the exact same warehouse Rockwood units are made, and the 30WRLTS is nearly the same as the Rockwood 3065W. Both units have an almost identical floor plan, but there are advantages to more…

Flagstaff 29QBSS


The Flagstaff 29QBSS travel trailer, has a floor plan that is nearly identical to the Rockwood 2907SS. When considering whether to buy a Flagstaff you may want to think about buying a Rockwood. Other than the color scheme and a few small details there isn’t much difference in the construction. Rockwood provides an advantage over more…

Flagstaff 27RLSS


Thinking of purchasing  a Flagstaff 27RLSS? You may want to think again! What many people don’t know about Flagstaff RVs is that they are manufactured in the same warehouse Rockwood RVs are manufactured. But what are the advantages of a Rockwood?  Well as you can see below the 27RLSS is almost identical to the Rockwood 2703SS, more…

Flagstaff 831BHWS


The Flagstaff 831BHWS travel trailer is perfect for large families, able to sleep 11 when the dinette and two couches are made into beds. Are you thinking of buying a 831BHWS? Did you know that Rockwood has an almost identical unit called the 8311SS? Below you can see that the floorplans and the specs for more…

Flagstaff 832IKBS


The Flagstaff 8321KBS features apposing slides, making the living area very spacious for a travel trailer. Are you thinking of r buying the Flagstaff 8321KBS? Take a look at our Rockwood 8329SS, as you can see below the units are strikingly similar in design. The  Rockwoods will have a different color scheme than your Flagstaff units, but more…

Flagstaff 23FBS


The Flagstaff 23FBS is a small light weight travel trailer. Rockwood makes  a similar model called the Rockwood Mini lite 2304.  The nice things about this unit is it’s murphy bed system that can be either a couch or a bed. Looking at the chart below you can see the specs and floor plan of more…

Flagstaff 8528IKWS


The Flagstaff 8528IKWS has an Island Kitchen, opposing slides making the main living area spacious and open. Rockwood has an identical unit with the same floor plan the 8289WS. The advantage of buying a Rockwood over Flagstaff is Rockwoods outstanding popularity. When trading or selling your unit you can be sure that your Rockwood will keep more…

Flagstaff 8524RLWS


The Flagstaff 8524RLWS  gives you the choice of having a couch or swivel chairs in the rear.  This RV has a large kitchen area with an extension for the counter top if you need just a little more room. These features also come included with the Rockwood 8244WS. Looking at the floor plans and specs more…

Flagstaff 8528TBWS


The Flagstaff 8528TBWS fifth wheel gives you a bunk room capable of sleep up to three and the ability to sleep up to nine people total. The bunks can be lifted up to create more storage when not in use. The bunk room also has a small door on the rear of the fifth wheel more…

Flagstaff 8528RSWS


Thinking of purchasing a Flagstaff 8528RSWS fifth wheel? Take a look at the Rockwood 8282WS, which  has the same floor plan as the 8528RSWS. As you can see below they are almost identical.  You have a mobile table that can either be a kitchen island or a dinning area with 4 fold out chars. Theater seating, a more…

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